Sprinkler Specialist Inc

Welcome to Sprinkler Specialist, Inc.

We offer Oklahoma 24/7, emergency repair sprinkler service, as well as expert service on:

* Lawn Sprinklers
* Lawn Sprinkler Repair
* Lawn Sprinkler Insulation
* Drains
* Drainage Systems
* Sprinkler Maintenance Programs

We have been in the business for over 25 years so you know we're not afraid to get wet. For all your sprinkler and drain needs, you want a specialist, the Sprinkler Specialist, Inc. For more information, contact us at (405) 562-5090 or visit us at:

207 W Thatcher St
Edmond, OK 73003-5242  

Check out our other website at: www.SprinklerSpecialistInc.com